Top Tip For A Good Life

It is important to accomplish financial results early in life in order to be well prepared for retirement. As a matter of fact, many of us had ended up realizing this need only past our prime or younger years; this could easily be the result of over spending or a lack of financial advice when young. It might also be due to us being overly complacent in building up on credit terms or simply not taking the future seriously enough while it seemed far still.

At one time, we may have thought that all due expenses would eventually turn out fine as there used to be somebody paying for us or that we would hold our job still to handle all the payouts. However, the fact is, as time goes by, one might end up having a much desperate need for a healthier state of finance. It could be because of a sudden loss of employment or having the need to spend on big ticket items which as we become older the lesser options we would have apart from greater financial responsibilities if we just have not got enough. Consequently, it becomes more difficult to start all over again in building up our financial reserves later in life. read more

Mental Attitude and Awareness – Your Best Self Defense Weapon

Rise in Violent Crime Spurs Our Need for a Self Defense Weapon

With so much going on in the world these days, the occurrence of violent crime is definitely on the rise, which makes the need for a self defense weapon on the rise as well. Between the controversial wars in the middle east, the decline in the economy both here and abroad, and the ecological disasters and their ramifications in the gulf and beyond, tension in our lives is on the rise. This inevitably brings out a dangerous element in our daily lives. It is said there is a violent crime happening in the United States once every 22 seconds! Above all else, we each have the primary responsibility to self defense for survival. read more

Focused – If You Want to Coast Down the Hill of Life, Don’t Let the Pointy Rocks Stop You

If you want to coast down the hill of life, don’t let the pointy rocks of bad thoughts stop you.

You are where your consciousness is focused. That is really so simple, yet many people don’t understand.

What are you thinking about? That’s what you are focused on. That’s what you ARE.

If you think an unloving thought — such as competition, envy, or worry, you feel the pain associated with competition, envy, or worry. They are the pointy rocks.

You feel the effects of where your consciousness is focused. Where are you focused right now? Is it something you want to be focused on? Is it something you want to be associated with? read more

The 5 Steps To Immediate Happiness

Do you know what the definition of happiness is? I looked it up. It is a state of tranquility free from anxiety and emotional disturbance. Seems like a simple, basic explanation. Not too complicated.

So to be happy you need to achieve tranquility, peace, and emotional balance. How do we accomplish that? Well let’s look at people we believe to be happy. Right off I am thinking of a couple of people in my life whom I love being around. They always seem to be centered, busy, but never stressed out. read more

Kid’s Songs Help You Learn A Language

A fun way to learn a language is through children’s songs. Just like singing the “ABC’s” to learn the alphabet, singing these catchy tunes help you learn and memorize things that you may otherwise struggle with. Some nursery songs are pretty silly, but they still teach a lot about expressing yourself. Even if you don’t have children to practice with, you can still enjoy these songs yourself!

If you grew up a bilingual household, you may already know some songs. You may find that, when you take a fresh look, with an adult’s perspective and the incentive of learning a language, you notice all kinds of grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Even the simplest song can teach you something new. read more

Step Out of the Rush and Into Relaxed Living

A family went to its favorite park for a Saturday picnic lunch. While the three boys, William, Paul, and Michael, played together, running up and down the green rolling hills as fast as they could, Dad put the finishing touches on the meal while Mom put out the paper plates on a checkered picnic tablecloth.

Suddenly, they heard the youngest child, William, cry out, as if in pain. A second later, they were dashing in the direction of the distant sound, unable to see any of the boys because the hills obscured any direct line of sight. When they arrived, they found Michael, the eldest, standing over William, who was lying on the ground whimpering. read more