It’s been a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m elated to look out over hundreds of miles of red, orange and yellow forests. The trees inspire me as their leaves remind me of the cycle of life; their strong trunks remind me of the potential for growth when we’re grounded with deep roots; and the sheer number of them inspire me to notice the abundance that surrounds me when I really open my eyes to the fullness of nature.

We have a bounty to harvest, no matter where we live or what the season, but how much time do we spend feeling grateful versus focusing on what we don’t have?

Rather than being in the habit of feeling gratitude and joy, we walk around with our hand out wanting more. We habitually want more money, more time for ourselves, more business, more profit… the list goes on.

Not only do we ask for more by wanting, but we look for things to be packaged in a certain way: more money packaged as a salary increase; more time packaged as a vacation; more business packaged as a lineup of customers; more influence in the workplace packaged as a promotion; or more love in our life packaged as one specific person. But in being so specific as to what we want to get, we are actually being resistant to receiving – wanting with one hand open, but pushing away with the other. This creates a block in the flow of energy.

We need to be habitual in noticing that which we are receiving and how it feels, and let the experience really move us and have meaning. We must accept the inflow of what is, rather than just thinking that we need more. We can focus on appreciating the beautiful tree colours of autumn, rather than dwell on the end of the warm summer weather. Can you see the difference between wanting something to happen and noticing what is already happening?

Where is your focus?

Are you focused on what you are already receiving, or what you are lacking?

Can a person find joy, happiness and fulfillment in

  • noticing how much money they already have?
  • fully experiencing the time that exists between when they arise and when they sleep?
  • appreciating the customers that already entrust them?
  • feeling valued for their circle of influence?
  • becoming aware of the love that is waiting to be embraced in the relationships around them?

This is not about THINKING positive. It’s about FEELING gratitude for the abundance that we are already blessed with. Of course, we can balance that out by recognizing what needs to be worked on, and set goals to achieve and accomplish more, but we can’t allow ‘needing something’ to stand in the way of our feeling of happiness and fulfillment every day. In feeling gratitude, you will be rich in all the ways that really matter.

Make feeling gratitude for the bounty you receive a daily habit.

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