Making good decisions will be the deciding factor in your level of success. If you want to become a great husband, you must make good decisions when it comes to what is best for you and your spouse. If you want to become a corporate executive, you must make the best decisions possible for your company. If you want to be a parent, you must make the best decisions about their lives you can. Making good decisions affects everyone’s outcome, especially yours and your families.

Many people do not take much time or put a lot of thought into making decisions. Many people fly by the seat-of-the-pants making random decisions on a daily basis. You need to think things through, especially the big things in life. You should think about who you are going to marry, why you are going to marry them, are you ready to have children or not, should you move 500 miles away to a job that is offering to pay you 30% more than what you are currently making, etc. there are many different decisions that you will have to make in life. You should put a lot of thought into each one of them before finalizing anything.

Some questions to ask yourself before making decisions are:

If I make this decision, would I care if every one of my peers and family members found out that I made it?

Have you talked your decision over with your wife that will directly impact her and your children?

Am I going against my better instincts when making this decision?

Am I compromising my integrity when making this decision?

If I make this choice, will this bring me closer to my long-term outcome or goal that I want for my life?

Will I be making this decision based on what I want? In my making this decision because I am being influenced by my or were my peers?

If I made this decision, is it in the best interest of me, my family, the people I work with, or someone outside of this group? Am I making this decision for me?

You should add whatever other relevant questions to this list that comes to your mind. Once you get some practice in answering these questions, making decisions will become easier throughout your life. Your wisdom will grow with experience in you will be able to make informed decisions very quickly. Intuition should be based on experience and knowledge, not how you feel about something. While you should pay attention to your gut and what it is telling you, that should be from experience and knowledge, not purely from emotion. Remember, your decisions affect many people, not just yourself.

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