Using your imagination allows you to have creative and innovative ideas that no one else may have thought of. It is easy to focus on solutions that have already been tested and proven. Remember the tested and proven solutions came from someone’s imagination. Allowing yourself the freedom to think beyond what has already been thought of frees you to invent something new. In so doing, you go beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible, and others can avail themselves of your creative and innovative ideas. Be imaginative and original and you will create new possibilities for others.

You might think your imagination will lead you in a reckless direction. Adele Brookman said it best, “Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.” The creative state that you work in will compel you to think outside what has been done heretofore, and old limits will no longer exist. The solutions you create may be the ones that everyone has been working to discover, but had not allowed their imagination to go down that path. As Thomas Edison said, “We now know a thousand ways not to build a light bulb.”

The solutions you discover may be far beyond what anyone else imagined. The solutions might also be easy to execute, so allow them to be that effortless. You may find yourself discovering new ideas and new plans without spending a lot of time. When these ideas float into your mind, write them down and brainstorm the different ways that you could manifest their full potential. Since you are giving your imagination free room to roam, you may be surprised at the different ideas that come through your mind. Give yourself permission to follow through on any ideas that come forth and notice the many possibilities there are.

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