Appreciating the small things in life is vital to our health and happiness but it is so easy to fall in pace with modern life’s frantic style and thus miss out on these benefits. The question is, how do we stop this unhealthy momentum long enough to notice the things that bring us peace and happiness?

The answer never lies far from Mother Nature and her pearls of wisdom…

Have you ever noticed the grace and apparent ease with which a bird glides through the sky? Although the bird may seem to effortlessly take to the sky and soar through the air, one thing is absolutely necessary: the bird needs to be aware of the upward movement of air, called thermals. Thermals act as the support that allows birds to glide, but before birds can enjoy this free ride, they need to become aware of these thermals by engaging their senses.

Likewise, for you to glide above your hectic pace, you need to engage your senses. Can you remember the last time you sat quietly, no matter where you were, just to make yourself aware of the many different sounds around you? I encourage you to do so now. Stop and listen. What sounds can you hear? Similarly, by using your other senses, what do you become aware of? What can you smell? What can you see that you have not noticed before? Touch the material of your clothing, how does this feel on your fingertips, palms of your hands or even against your face? A new world awaits you if you are willing to engage all of your senses.

To become a vibrant, healthy and happy person again, focus on the simple things in life. Whenever you feel stressed or agitated, simply stop for a moment and engage your senses. Become aware of the many sounds, colours, aromas or the physical touch of your environment and feel your stresses disappear.

As you look upon a bird’s graceful flight across the sky, remember that you too can rise above your stressful situations by learning to engage your senses to appreciate the…

Small Things!

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